EVs aren't exactly the darling of the automotive industry when sales aren't nearly as robust as forecasted. Mercedes-Benz's luxury EQS sedan is one of the EV models that's sitting on dealer lots, but it's not for the reasons you might think. According to The Drive, some Mercedes dealerships (who have chosen to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from the brand) have stated that the EQS isn't "aspirational enough", meaning it doesn't have the cache of the S-Class. Mercedes is hoping a new grille will change that. We're skeptical. 

eqs beach

The EQS has a lot going for it. Gorgeous (albeit frustrating) in-car technology, a stunning interior, ample space, great seats, solid range (up to 352 miles on a single charge), and impressive standard features. The problem is the overall exterior design. Whether it's the EQS sedan or the EQS SUV, their slippery shape tends to make them look like lozenges or bars of soap, not exactly what you'd call "aspirational". Remember that Mercedes is a premium brand that people want to be seen in. If you want range, get a Tesla. If you want easy infotainment, get a Ford with SYNC 4. If you want reliability, Get a Lexus.  

The new faux grille on the EQS ditches the dotted prismatic pattern in favor of horizontal "bars" like the ones found on the AMG GLE. Buyers will even be able to get an optional S-Class-like grille that also migrates the Mercedes tri-star badge to the hood instead of in the center of the faux grille. 

eqs charging

The biggest hurdle to increasing sales of the EQS sedan, however, is the shape. It looks less like a Mercedes than anything else in the lineup. At least the EQS SUV looks more like a GLE SUV than it does an EQS sedan. From the side view, it looks especially vanilla due to the long, sloping greenhouse and the overall bulbous shape that does not scream premium. That's a rather substantial obstacle. Even the cheaper EQB SUV looks far better than the EQS sedan, and that's the problem. We'd dare to say that the BMW i7 is far better-looking luxury EV sedan not because it's beautiful but because it looks like the gas-powered 7-Series. 

eqs rear

The aesthetic changes will arrive in a mid-cycle refresh that also includes rear "executive seats" and an improved battery with better range, which should help the car appeal to more buyers. Rumor has it that the battery will push the range to 380 miles in the American market, up from 352. The updated EQS will probably come sometime this summer as a 2025 model.