Is Now the Best Time to Buy a New Car? The Big Price Drop Says Yes.

We haven't seen a decrease like this in forever

Just last year, the average price of a new car was coming close to $50,000 after a meteoric rise over the past few years.

Auto Loan Rates Have Climbed to Make New Cars Even Less Affordable

They've risen astronomically, and boy does it hurt

It seems interest rates have climbed astronomically, and that makes it even more difficult for car buyers who are trying to stem the tide of rising costs in virtually every part of life. 

Don't Be Misled by the Low Payments on a 84-Month Auto Loan

This is a big part of becoming financially savvy

These days, customers are buying more car than they can really afford because of the lure of low monthly payments. It is, frankly, very deceptive on the part of car dealerships.

With Dealer Stock Low and Prices High, Can You Still Find a Good Car Deal?

Supply chain woes, diminished inventory, and microchip shortages remain

What does this all mean for the average car shopper? What's the current situation for new and used cars, and what can you do to find a good deal? 

If You Have Bad Credit, Do These 5 Things Before You Buy

There's no time like the present to change things

Buying a car with bad credit can be challenging but it's not impossible. Put these 5 items on your to-do list to get on the right track to buying a car.

5 Best Used Car Buying Tips

Skip the new car depreciation and sky-high price tags

Buying a used car can yield serious savings if done right. See the top 5 car used car shopping tips before you head to the dealership.

How Much Under Sticker Price Should You Pay for a New Car?

Sharpen your negotiating skills for your next car purchase

Worried about getting a fair price on your new car? See what the dealer sticker price means, how vehicle markup is determined, and when you should and shouldn't pay the sticker price. 

Auto Finance: How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops for a reliable vehicle

Used cars come with lower price tags but higher interest rates. See if buying used is the best route to take when you have bad credit.

Is Buying a Car Tax Deductible?

See if Uncle Sam will give you a break on that new ride

With tax day approaching it pays to know that deducting taxes on a large purchase like a vehicle is possible. Here's what you should know when filing your tax return.  

Auto Finance: What is the Average Monthly Car Payment?

Monthly payments hit record highs for new and used vehicles

Learn what the average monthly car payments are for new and used cars, why car payments can be risky, and how to calculate a car payment as a percentage of income.

Auto Finance: Getting a Car Loan With Fair Credit

Auto lenders consider "Fair" credit to be subprime

Fair credit can cause roadblocks in getting a car loan just like bad credit. See how to overcome them to buy the vehicle you need.

Auto Finance: How a Simple Interest Car Loan Can Save You Money

Pay early and often for a car loan savings victory

Car loan interest can add up to thousands of dollars over your loan term. Learn how a simple interest car loan works and how you can take advantage of its potential savings.

Auto Loan Modification: Solution or Scam?

Take control of your car payments on your terms

What is auto loan modification and should you be concerned about scams? See how to handle unmanageable car payments and get back on track the right way.

Auto Finance: 5 Non-Traditional Ways to Buy a Car

The dealership's F&I office isn't your only option

There are a handful of alternative ways to buy a car and some pose more risk than others. We cover the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you choose the best path for you.

3 Reasons to Buy a Car in Cash (and 3 Reasons Not To)

To finance or not to finance? That is the question

Paying cash for a car can be a smart move for some, but it has some downsides. We cover the top 3 reasons to pay cash for a vehicle, and the top 3 reasons to finance instead.