As good as the current Genesis GV80 SUV is, the third row is lacking in legroom, measuring 30.3 inches, shorter than both the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the BMW X7. The South Korean luxury brand aims to change all that with the introduction of what might be its big three-row SUV future, known as the Neolun Concept. It just debuted in New York, and it points to what might go toe-to-toe with the Germans.

neolun profile

Unlike the X7 and the GLS, the exterior design is rather understated. There's not much visual drama except for the illuminated grille and the parametric lighting that's present on the rest of the Genesis lineup. The two-box styling exhibits smooth panels, curved corners in front and back, as well as some very aerodynamic wheels. Luc Donkerwolke, the Genesis chief creative officer, said the Neolun's design is inspired by the Moon jars of Korea's Joseon Dynasty. They're simple and pure in their execution, not unlike the Neolun's body. 

neolun doors

Open those suicide doors, and you'll find an expansive cabin that's anything but simple. Those very suicide doors might actually make it to production, which would make it only the second luxury SUV with that feature, next to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The Cullinan, however, has a B-pillar that splits the door opening. The Neolun looks like it would eschew the pillars for a huge opening to the cabin. 

genesis neolun

The concept's interior gets dark purple cashmere and leather, not a color you see very often. It also boasts diamond quilted stitching with button tufting for added flair, as well as dramatic metal trim that extends from the pillars to the base of the doors. There's ample metal trim for the speakers, switchgear, and the center console. Perhaps the most unique feature is the roll-out flexible screen that utilizes different heights depending on the feature used. If its for controls, the height is shorter. If it's for video viewing while stationary, the screen pulls up to full height. 

neolun interior

Like concept interiors we've seen before, the Neolun's front seats can swivel to face the rear to create a lounge-like atmosphere. That's bolstered by real wood flooring, not a feature we expect to see carry over to the production version. We do hope the heated surfaces inside do make it because they're on almost every flat surface, a substitute for heated airflow. The Korean "ondol" floor heating is what inspired it. Moreover, this could be far more efficient than heated airflow like every other car in the industry. Finally, the concept shows only two rows of seats, but a production version would likely have a three-row option. 

neolun seats

The Neolun concept is just a concept for now, but Genesis is really all about bringing concepts to production. The Neolun shows the world that Genesis is serious about filling that gap in their lineup with something big and useful. Time will tell, but you probably won't have to wait for very long.