If you haven't noticed, winter is in full swing and it's pretty much beating up most of the nation with precipitation, frigid temps, and one seriously mean wallop. If you're late to the game in getting your car ready for the colder temps and inclement weather, then it's time to get things in gear ASAP. You can't do anything about the weather, but you can certainly gear up your vehicle for those chilly drives. We've curated some of the best winter car gear on Amazon 

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LGNORA Heated Seat Cushion

                                       heated seat cushion

Just because you don't have the newest automobile doesn't mean you have to freeze your butt off this winter. You don't even need to spend much to get a set of heated seat cushions like this one from LGNORA. They're made with high-quality leather and are shaped to fit just about any front bucket seats. Each one plugs into your car's 12V DC outlet, and you can make heat level adjustments via its easy, wired control unit with three heat levels. The heating elements span both the cushion and the seatback for full body warmth. They're now 56 percent off at an affordable $46 each. 


AstroAI 4-Layer Windshield Snow Cover

snow cover

If there's one thing we hate about winter, it's scraping layers of ice and snow off our car's windshield. For less than a handful of Starbucks coffee drinks, you can get this superb snow cover that will keep the ice and snow off your windshield (and your wipers, too!). It's made to cover not just your windshield but also your front side windows and your side mirrors. Not only will you save money with its $25 price tag, but you'll save a ton of time in the morning when you're in a rush, anyway. The material is 100% waterproof, and the underside is scratch-resistant, too. It even has securing straps with anti-theft buckles, and the side mirror covers have reflective material for high-visibility. Pull it off, shake it off, and store it away in the soft storage case. Your neighbors will watch in jealousy as they scrape the ice off in misery.


Isotoner Men’s Spandex Touchscreen Cold Weather Gloves


Leather driving gloves don't exactly keep your hands warm in winter, and you can't drive safely with puffy ski gloves on. That's why these Isotoner gloves are perfect for driving. They're warm, grippy, and they're not so thick that they inhibit safe driving. They use SmartDRI technology to keep rain and snow from penetrating, and they even have smarTouch touchscreen technology in the thumb and fingers enables so you can use your car's infotainment system and your phone (not while driving!) without taking the gloves off. The knit lining and stretchy spandex keep your hands warm and the gloves conformed. They're also very affordable at no more than $28, depending on size. 


12V 150W Portable Car Heater

car heater

Trust us, not every car has good heat. Even some new cars aren't that great. If you have an older vehicle, you might need to supplement your car's heater with something more powerful. This portable heater is perfect for those days when your car is struggling to warm up. It mounts on your car's dashboard and plugs into the 12V outlet. The base rotates 360 degrees for ideal adjustability, and it can even defog, as well as defrost your car's windshield in the coldest of temperatures. For a mere $24, you can get into a warm and toasty car even when the outside of the car is frozen.


SubZero 13929 Faux Fur Ice Scraper Mitt


Ok, so this thing might make you look like you have Yeti hands, but who cares when it's freezing outside and you can't find your gloves. Keep this in your car, and it will protect your delicate hands when you go to town on that frozen windshield. The mitt is made of super-thick faux fur with a warm fleece lining. The scraper itself is made with super-tough plastic that's shatter-resistant and ridged for getting through the bad stuff. It's also totally fingerless, so it keeps your hands warmer. Get a pair of them at only $16 apiece, and you'll be one furry, winter-fighting animal.