• The I.D. Buggy is part of the VW I.D. electric family, but it's really just a concept (for now).
  • The original Meyers Manx (no, not the underwear) dune buggy was built on the VW Beetle, and the I.D. Buggy shares the same general shape.
id buggy green
That's a lot of neon green, but it works for the I.D. Buggy's fun factor.

Nostalgia is a big part of the auto industry, and if it's done right, it can be a huge success. The Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger muscle cars all know how to pull this off. The same success can't be said for the outgoing VW Beetle, but it just might work for the I.D. Buggy if it ever gets made. The concept is at the Geneva Motor show, and it's creating quite the buzz. It's all about the past and the present wrapped in one fun EV.

The body is composite and hold the shape of dune buggies long gone. The body's swoopy curvature is fluid and rugged-looking at the same time, and the huge head and taillights look great in their simplicity. The angled windshield land big black targa-style roof setup are the perfect recipe for fun-in-the-sun driving. There's even a tarp that hooks up should the rain come unannounced.

id buggy outside

There are no doors. Occupants just hop in old-school-like. The top half of the body is green, and the lower half is a muted gray color. BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires on big green 18-inch wheels look appropriate for sand duties, and the Buggy even has 9.4 inches of ground clearance. Rumor has it that the Buggy can convert to a 2+2 instead of just a two-seater. 

id buggy interior

The I.D. Buggy is powered by an electric motor to the rear wheels for 201 horses and 228 lb-ft of torque. There's a single speed tranny, and the Buggy will hit 60 mph in about 7 seconds. A 62 kWh battery is located in the floor and will power the car for 155 miles on a single charge. The Concept is also designed to take on another motor in the front for AWD and more power. 

id buggy gauges

The clean design of the interior should be great at dispelling sand, and it's also waterproof for a proper hosing off when things get messy. There's a futuristic hexagonal steering wheel, an energy gauge on the steering column, and touch controls. The rear deck can tie down gear, including a nifty all-terrain board for the fun-loving potential buyer. Don't ya just love concept cars? 

matching skateboard id buggy
The matching skateboard is a nice touch along with tie-down seat belts.

The I.D. Buggy is just a concept for now, but VW wants to show off what the MEB platform can do (it's underpinning most of VW's new vehicles right now), and they're encouraging custom shops to take advantage of the platform's versatility. Once the I.D. Buzz hatchback hits production, we expect to see a lot of customization going on by smaller shops. We just hope the I.D. Buggy sees actual production since it's one of the most fun vehicles we've seen in a while.