New vehicles come with an abundance of safety tech including blind spot monitoring to warn you of other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians which are out of your line of vision. But what if you purchased your vehicle without all these fancy features? Luckily, you can take a low-tech approach to keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe. Blind spot car mirrors offer a simple and inexpensive solution to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. These 3 mirrors take just minutes to install but will give you confidence on the highway for years to come. 

Ampper Blind Spot Car Mirror

Ampper blind spot car mirror

No matter if you drive a car, SUV, van, or truck, the Ampper blind spot mirror ($8 for a pack of two) will help prevent accidents caused by your vehicle's blind spot. The 360-degree adjustable mirror may be small (2" in diameter) but it makes a huge difference for your safety. The curved design of the mirror reduces your blind spot with a wide-angle view, giving you more confidence when passing other vehicles, changing lanes, or parking. The durable and waterproof mirror comes with a swivel mounting base so you can adjust it for the optimal view. Installing the blind spot mirror takes just minutes by attaching it to the pivoting base and then to your side mirrors with the included adhesive. 

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Rhombus 4 Blind Spot Car Mirror

rhombus 4 car blindspot mirror

Most automakers now offer a blind-spot monitor as part of an advanced safety suite, but it's usually only available on higher trims or as part of an additional package that can get pricey. The Rhombus 4 ($13 for a 2 pack) is designed to fit seamlessly onto side mirrors that have a square edge instead of a round one (sorry MINI drivers). Made from real glass, the Rhombus makes lane changes safer by reducing the driver's blind spot. The blind spot mirror is attached with a durable 3M adhesive that won't lose grip from rain or dirt, and it comes with an adjustable base so you can get the view just right. 

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ICBeamer Rearview Blind Spot Car Mirror

Ice beamer rearview car mirror

Unlike the previous two blind spot car mirrors, the Icbeamer ($35) replaces the rearview mirror instead of attaching to the side mirrors. Measuring 14.2" by 3.1", the Icbeamer is larger than traditional rearview mirrors to offer the benefit of a wider view of what's behind. The mirror is a universal fit for all vehicle types and is made from a HD glass with a curved design to help give you confidence when passing or changing lanes and reduce your risk of blind spot-related accidents. The mirror comes with two adjustable buckles making it easy to install in minutes with no tools required. 

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